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 anjan TV is Hindi-Bhojpuri Entertainment Channel by aap Media. It's also relay Program of Peace Message on channel. Peace Message Program is need for People. So Prem Rawat began speaking about peace when he was just 4 years old. Although perhaps unable to fully articulate at such a young age, his extraordinary passion for peace has inspired millions of people over the last five decades his message all World in 100+ countries reached and aap media relay his message and also motivation Bhajans to anjan TV.  His Message is Very Inspiration and Motivation also for human.

anjan TV Channel available on C Band 6 fit Dish 68.5, TaTa Sky, Videocon D2H, and also Local Cable Hathaway, GTPL, DLGTPL, Dewshree Network, SiTi Cable, Den Cable, IN Cable, DiG i Cable, NXT Digital, Narmada2home, Parivartan Digital, BTV, CEL, Triveni, JK, Radiant, etc
 . It's also enjoy Online Steaming Site such as anjan TV official Web, and Watch Videos anytime on anjan TV YouTube Channel.

          Daily 3 hours Broadcast on anjan TV. Jano, Discover Life, Mera Sahas Mujame, Shanti Shanbhav hai, Baje anhad, Zindagi, Margdarshan and English Program Self Discovery on this Channel.

Program Timing 
Monday to Saturday
Morning : 6.30 am, 7 am
Afternoon : 12.30 pm
Evening : 6.00 pm
PrimeTime : 8.30 pm 

Sunday Special
Morning : 6.30 am, 7 am, 9.30 am, 10 am, 
Afternoon : 12.30 pm
Evening : 6 pm
Prime Time : 8.30 pm

Online Streaming Live anjan TV

(Mobile, Laptop and Desktop)

anjan TV official (click)

Available on DTH

Available on C Band
Dish Size : 6 fits

Available on Local Cables

Local Cables
Cable NameChannel No.
SiTi Cable4/321
Digi Cable645/861
NXT Digital391
Parivartan Digital876
Triveni Digital810
Tyagi Cable529
IN Cable425/525
Pune Intermedia661
Sangli FMF Digital570
SR Digital583

Watch Video Prem Rawat in IIM Ahmedabad Confluence 2016


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