Helium Hotspot Device & Cable


The Helium Hotspot is Provided one of the fastest Growing Network, it has very Experience Team of Radio Industry. This Device Provided Perfect Wireless Network full Coverage, many Country good Coverage Frequency. This Technology Best Way for Making Money by HNT Rewards. The Team Launched very Interesting plan on website.

What is Helium HNT ?

The Helium Hotspot Apk

Mining HNT and Token Rewards

The Helium Token


Use Network Devie

LORawan on Helium

Block chain Transaction Fees

The Helium Consensus Protocol

Block chain Proof of Coverage

The Helium Explorer

Recently Helium hostspot miner in India 2 

City Shimla and Lucknow

Helium Hotspot Outdoor Device & Cable

Visit for Hotspot Cable 


Helium LongFi

  • Combines the Low Power
  • Long Range Lorawan wireless Protocol
  • Helium Blockchain

Helium Team

Amir Baleen

CEO & Co-Founder

Marc Nijdam


Frank Mong


Board & Adviser

Bruce Armstong

Parted Khosla Venture

Eric Presselhugs

Former EVP Sales and Co Founder of Silver Spring Networks

Shawn Fanning

Founder, Helium, Rupture, Parth, Snocop, Napster

Greg Gotts

Fonder of Invisileash

John Hamm

Founding Partner, Soda Rock Partners

Vinod Khosla

Founder, Khosla Venture

Jacqueline Lesage Krause

Munich Rel HSB Venture

Aaron Levie

Founder and CEO Box

Alex Roether

Former SVP Engineering, Twitter

Matt Turck

Partner, First marks Capital

Robert Wening

Founder Tealeaf, Former CTO SAP

Andy Whealer

Partner, GV

Sole Too

Former User Chief Legal Officer


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